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White Sand and Stone

Meet Our Team

Our team of psychiatrists, medical doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants are all well-experienced in psychopharmicology and medication management. Our on-site and telepsychiatry team can assist in any complex mental illness including depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar, schizophrenia, dementia, addiction, or any other psychosomatic illness. We have served in all types of mental health settings including hospital consults, skilled nursing facilities, psychiatric hospitals, TMS, Ketamine clinics, hospice, prisons, detox/rehab, pain clinics, family practices, therapy offices, community mental health, and standard outpatient care. With over thirty providers across twelve states, our goal is to provide quality care in areas of need.


Sam Zand, D.O.
Founder | Psychiatrist

Dr Zand photo.png

Dr. Zand focuses on holistic mental health care. From his training at Johns Hopkins to his work at UNLV, Dr. Zand helps his patients with medication management, consistent lifestyle modifications, and therapeutic exploration. With his calm demeanor and compassionate nature, his ultimate passion is helping others achieve happiness and personal growth. Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Alaska, Idaho, Florida, New York.

Kara Burkhardt, MS, PA-C


Kara Burkhardt, MS, PA-C, champions holistic mental health care, leveraging her expertise to support patients through medication management, lifestyle adjustments, and therapeutic guidance. With her empathetic approach and commitment to personal growth, Kara fosters a nurturing environment for healing. Practicing in her passion is empowering individuals towards lasting happiness and wellness. Colorado

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